Obituary is a Good News


Sayyed Bika ILA Robbi

Since I was  senior high school my best dream was a realize on die young. Die for Almighthy sake’s and nothing happen with my notorious habit  nor wicked world.

There were many stories regardin my young friend who has been taken a true journey with his/her soul. most of em die as a martyr for their family. a martyr of fulfilling basic nececaries and seeking an syareah knowlage in an Islamic Boarding School.

Daruqutni narrated a Prophet hadis, it said : “A purity of world has lost and there Is still only a wicked dirty. Today a death is kind of honor for every muslim.”

Do not judge this way as the way we escape from Lord Destiny’s or to hide an effortless brighter future. This is just a faith of my inner mind since i  use to read and share everything about afterlife and compare it with our stage drama.

Thanks god I had so many times to make an understanding about all puzle of geniune life and tendecies with senior lecturer essepecially Habaib and Masayikh  Hadramaut. although most of them has gone to the imortal mercies, I just feel like  every  single  footsteep I steep is followed by their beautiful thougt. 

Rafiqul a’la is two words that always mentioned by Rasulullah in his last minute of ajal beside callin ‘umati-umati’. Rafiqul A’la pictured as friend who will acompany and  patner there in his sunny grave since he needn’t Jibril as helper to share what to share there. Muhammad afterlife condition is the same way as he still alive. its true as he has narated in hadith. eventhogh the place was so difference but he is watching and givin all attentions to us clearly like every beloved felt today.

I’m so sorry my grand pa for every single thing  againts a boundaries. I knew its my fault my attitude, tendency and impolite habit which it covered a genuine thing u told us. all legacies remind me to keep on fighting till the day I meet you instead my feet forced to follow any other diraction.

Hope your blesses and mercies still always rise up guidin me to the right path. and bring my soul to keep all faith on your holly mission when tha die young Is comming real. Amen

G unit After Adzan Ashar
Long life Sayyed EP BikailaRobbi -400 %

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