Silent Dialogue, Friendship and Love


I cant give solutions to all of your life’s problem, doubts or fears. But i can listen to you and together we will search for answer.

I cant change your past with all its heartache and pain, nor the futuere with its untold stories. But i can be there now when you need me to care.

I cant keep your feet from stumbling. I can only offer myhand that you may grasp and not fall.

Your joys, triumphs, succes and happiness are not mine, yet i can share in your laughter.

Your decision in life are not mine to make nor judge. I can only support you, encourage you, help you when you ask.

I cant prevent you from falling away from friendship, from your values frrom me. I can only pray for you, talk to you and wait for you.

I cant give you boundaries which i have determined for you. But i can give you the room to change, the room to grow, room to be yourself.

I cant keep your heart from breaking and hurting but i can cry with you and help pick up the pieces and put them in the place.

I cant tell you who you are. I can only love you and be your friend.

*Silent dialoge dikirim melalui email oleh seorang gadis Indonesia di Canberra Australia.

Sebuah rangkaian kata indah menyadarkanku bahwa cinta itu memang ada. Prolog lagu padi yang berjudul ‘siapa gerangan dirinya’  merefresh ingatan akan dirimu yang pernah hadir mengisi sepi hariku kala itu.

– Tak pernah berhenti, mencintaiku. Seluruh jiwa raga hati. Meskipun samar siapa gerangan dirinya–

still reminds M2m_Habsyi

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